Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newborn: Breath of Heaven

Capturing the essence of newborn...

First precious moments of life...we see you in those last moments of exiting the womb, yet before you are born, then out you come, your wet, warm body just expels from your home of 9 months, from all you have ever known and into your Mama's arms and to my breast where I continue to love, hold and nourish you.  So fresh from being knit together in my womb by the very Creator of the universe!

Tiny, unsupported frame that pulls in to remain in the position you held for months on end....snuggled on my chest, feet tucked under your body, arms pulled in, head burrowed into my chest.  You are warm.  Here, you are at peace and appear completely comforted. In this place, I can sit for hours - trying to absorb your very essence....trying to embrace and remember forever what it feels like to hold this tiny life so close in my arms.

Little arms, legs, feet, and hands with jerky, flailing movements.  Toes that spread wide in all directions, then scrunch in.......legs that kick out then pull in and tuck close to your body.

Eyes that first appear startled by the very world around you, day by day begin to stabilize, focus and be at peace.

Sneezes and wheezes; burps and toots; the gurgling of bowls; the clearing of airways; grunts and sporadic breaths; tiny "billy goat" noises that your Mama and Papa will never, ever forget.

Diaper changes that involve the entire outfit.

Cries that pierce the nerves of those around you, a fierce weapon against anyone who might forget your immediate needs. Sweet smelling and searching as your impatiently await your food. Frantic nursing as you first latch on before you realize you may drink your fill. Waking twice each night to fill your tiny belly. Eat, wake,, wake, sleep.

Hours spent with Papa gently coaxing out the painful tummy aches by holding, rocking, walking, and cuddling.

Sweet smell, softest of skin, fuzzy hair, warm body.

Slowly changing, unnoticed, day by day.....

"It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us." - Charles Dickens