Monday, March 18, 2013

15 Months: Keeping Mama Busy!!!

By now, I'm noticing the trend that all of your updates might be a half a month late.  So....15 1/2 month update - here we go!

You are busy.  BUSY. There is not a place you go that you are not opening, unrolling, or carrying away something! ....Often times with a look of determination on your face, however, when you look at us, you break into a winning smile, then hold out your prize as if you were helping the whole time.  Cupboards, toilet paper rolls, the pantry, the garbage, and most frequently, the baking drawer!  You love to carry things around, and pull off lids.....and you are drawn to anything chocolate more than any other food.  Though, to your credit, you're as happy with unsweetened cocoa as chocolate chips! Just this morning, I was picking up laundry and toys in your brothers' room, and saw that just as fervently, you were emptying all of their t-shirts, underwear and socks out of their baskets and carrying them to the little Thomas the Train chair that still adorns their room.

Your words are pouring forth like a flood. Most of them are still babbles, but you will repeat the same phrase over and over with pointing and animation.  And we'll often hear you try to repeat something your sister or brothers have said.  Little phrases like "Whas dat?" are coming more and more frequently.  The other day, you started saying "Jesus", and I realized you wanted to sing Jesus Loves Me when we were rocking before nap time. 

"I knee!" or "I knee you!!" you'll say as you reach up your arms to be picked up.  This is something I hope I don't forget anytime soon. And presently, it's me you "knee" a lot.  Of all the four children, you have been the one that clings to me the most, though you certainly have a soft spot for your Papa.  You join the other children in waving to him as he drives by the sliding glass doors in the morning, and bang on the sliders happily yelling when he returns home in the evenings. 

One of the sweetest memories I have of this stage is how you animatedly shake your head yes, which involves your whole head and neck and a serious expression on your face.  But no one could mistake your meaning.  If you don't want something, you will turn your head to the side and say "Hm Mm!"

Your walking is steady, with a few wobbles here and there if you are bumped into or trip.  Every now and then, we'll see you crawl somewhere and it makes us smile. 

Your little thumb is red and swollen from sucking it, even though you only suck your thumb at naps, at night or when extremely tired.  We're just waiting for it to split open as it did for little Ru Bear, though hers wasn't until she was 2 years old.  With her's, we just had to put on  band-aid and tell her that she couldn't suck it anymore or she would keep getting an owie.  That was the last time she sucked it. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it works with you. 

You're still nursing when you wake and just before bed.  Yes, you have nursed longer than any of your siblings, but you and I are having a hard time letting go of this precious last.  The time will come soon enough, but for now, it's something we still share.

Another little tooth is poking through on the top just to the left of your front two teeth.  Boy, and have you been fussy lately....avoiding naps, waking during the night, wanting to be held.  Although, having been through this three times before, I know how quickly these stages pass, so I'm cherishing the cuddle time a little more than I perhaps have in the past. 

You remain a blondie with your hair getting longer and longer, though it is still relatively short overall.  A barrette is now a must to keep your bangs out of your eyes, though between you and your sister, it's pretty hard to keep it there! You are tall too, which becomes more evident as you walk around more steadily.  Rocking you now involves pulling your legs up and in, or turning you to the side or to face forward. 

I love how when we lay you in bed, you immediately plug your little left thumb into your mouth and grab for the corner of your blanket or stuffed animal with your other hand.  It remains somewhat tucked under your arm.  You haven't seemed to keep a strong preference for one blanket or animal, though the softer the better.  Your two giraffes are the ones we put in with you the most, and a soft pink and brown satin trimmed blanket.  Lately, you've had a newfound fascination with dollies as well, and I even saw you feeding one a bottle and putting one into the dolly stroller!

I think one of the best things about you is your determined little spirit.  You will not be left behind! Nowadays, you get very upset when brothers and sister head outside to play without you, and you will stand at the door and cry.

Oh how we love you, little Gracie! Grow on, Little One.  Grow in Grace.