Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Squirrels for Dinner

When I was a child, I can recall being in front of our house on the sidewalk creeping ever so slowly toward a squirrel so that I could just reach out and touch its tail. The excitement of such an interaction made my summer. So often I found myself in this position, quietly waiting on various wild creatures to come near, with the ever present little girl dream that they might play with me and be my friend.

Fast forward 25 years to this morning.....raising two little boys.

"Mama!! I see a squirrel outside", Caleb excitedly exclaims. "A squirrel!" Emet repeats.

"We need to kill that squirrel," Caleb continues. "Yeah! Kill the squirrel with a shotgun or a...or a winmag!!" joins Emet.

"I want to eat that squirrel for dinner!!" shouts Caleb.

Well, I guess Grandma Marion did say that squirrel meat tastes pretty good......but for tonight, I think I'll pass.

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  1. Ann...I didn't know you had a blog! This squirrel story is right on, boys are of a totally different mind set! Thanks for visiting my barn story..I'd like to have you guys over so you can see it.
    p.s. I wasn't brave enough to sign up for Mt. St. Helens, you probably already figured that out :-( Lisa