Thursday, May 20, 2010

Confidence Booster 101: Find a 4 year old!!

OK, so for all of the challenges a four year old brings to the table, he is learning the way into Mama's heart!!!!!!!!!! (Watch out girls, I'm tellin you - he's a ladies man in the making!)

He frequently tells me, "You look pretty, Mama.".....even when I'm not feeling a bit pretty...

(Melts my heart every time.)

Yesterday, he was looking at copy of Fitness magazine I had laid on the couch. (ok - probably not the best thing to have laying around for your young boys to look at, but I had borrowed it from the gym to copy a few recipees out of and left it laying out.) He sees a picture of a pretty girl in a swimsuit and calls out, "MAMA!!!!! Guess whose picture I found in here?!?!" "Who?", I asked.

"It's YOU, Mama!! Mama, is this really you?!"

(SCORE!!! I'll take it, even if it's from my 4 year old son! )

Tonight, as I laid the dinner plates out for he and Emet, Caleb said, "Thank you for dinner, Mama. It was sweet of you to make dinner!"

(Son, you are getting an extra night time cookie tonight.)

a few mintues later, "It kind of tastes like chicken, but you did a nice job!" (It was tuna) :-)

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