Wednesday, February 16, 2011

News Flash!! Part of the alphabet not important!!!

Caleb has been catching on lately to the concept of sounding out words.  He is quite frequently delighted with himself when he can read a string of similar words and now tells me that he no longer needs reading exercise books because, in his words, "I already know how to read all by myself."

Yesterday, he had just completed a phonics exercise, and Emet was having a hard time going through Dr. Seuss's ABC book by himself.  So, I told Caleb to read the book to him.  It was so fun to hear Caleb sounding out some of the words, making others up, and remembering some of them from the many times through that book.  At one point, they seemed to be stuck on a page for quite a while.  Finally I heard Caleb say, "We'll just skip this page, Emet.  It's not really important."  :-)

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