Sunday, April 21, 2013

16 Months: Metamorphosis

There was a period of about 2 days this past month in which we witnessed the beginning of a metamorphosis.  Your words, actions, interactions and absolute silliness broke out of the cocoon.  It was as if we had witnessed a complete transformation.  By the end of the month, you had added in some tantrums as well! 

You point at things and speak with determined words, even if we cannot understand most of them yet, but you will repeat the same phrase over and over.  Your sweet head nodding continues, and has become your best form of communication.  You will point to something and nod your head yes to indicate that is indeed what you are hoping for.  If we don't soon catch on, the loud, frustrated sounds will soon come. :-) 

Your "Please" sounds like "Cheese!" (oh - and you say "Cheese" when smiling for pictures too! :-)and your "Thank You" is "Dah koo".  Then the pointing and nodding yes. It is so cute! It is so cute!

I can picture you as I write this, sitting in your hanging high chair and pointing to some food object I am frantically trying to prepare.  Your appetite mirrors your eldest brothers.....endless.  It is fun to see all of the food you eat! And, you are not at all picky, and will happily munch on those foods none of the rest of your siblings will touch....such as mushrooms - cooked or raw, or those for which they will at least grumble.....such as sautéed greens.  You don't seem too fond of cantaloupe or almond milk, but so far - those are the only two things I've noticed you don't care much for. 

I so enjoy seeing you interact with your siblings.  You definitely want to be a part of the family and are not at all interested in being left out!  You listen when we talk to you, and always respond by either your nods, garbled words, or actions.  If I tell you to take Sissy's hand, you reach for it.  You will put something back if told, or deliver an item to the garbage can.  (Though sometimes, you will make it all of the way there, then turn back around and return with it!)  Last night, Sissy was jumping up and down and saying "Look at me jump!"  I asked you if you could jump too, and you immediately started to bend at the knees and try.  Your little feet never left the ground, but you got the bending and squatting part.  It was adorable. 

And, oh how you are walking around now.  So sturdy and with such purpose! Typically, you are headed for something.....always reaching, picking up, opening, grabbing, playing in.  Your favorites at home are the baking cupboard and the toilet (ugg). You are constantly on the go and getting into things! Yikes! 

Papa taught you how to smell flowers on Easter Sunday.  I hope to always remember you bent over in your little Easter dress simultaneously holding, pulling and smelling the daffodils outside of the church building.  And, it was so fun to see you hunting with your siblings for Easter eggs in our yard after dinner.  You held your own little bucket and loved finding eggs, though you would frequently unload some of your eggs into Anna Ruth's bucket.  You didn't seem to mind at all. :-) 

You are silly as can be, and love for us to see you doing something we perceive as funny or cute - like when you climb into a box, or sit down on a stool.  As soon as you notice we are smiling, you put on your silliest, grin face, cock your head to the side or throw it back (depending on your mood), and smile away.  Then, often you'll stop and take a serious peek - just to make sure we are still delighting in you. 

When Papa drives in the driveway after work, you now shriek with excitement and bang on the sliding glass door, yelling "Papa!!!  Papa!!!" at the top of your voice and then clamor to be included in the mass of children exiting the house to drive in with Papa.  Papa now waits for you to come, and you either sit on his lap and get to drive in, or sit on one of the laps of your big brothers.  I love this little evening routine. 

When it's time for you to nurse right before bed, you will bring me the Boppy and my nursing cover, then try to climb up in my lap and ask for "Na-Na"....a name you made up on your own.  I've had several Boppies over time, but the one I've used the last couple of months was my only Boppy when Caleb was born, the soft blue fleece Boppy with the white clouds.  It's as if we've come full circle.  I've nursed you longer than all of your siblings now, and it will be coming to and end soon, but Mama is having a hard time saying goodbye to this stage of life, and so - on we go....for a little while. 

At bedtime, as one of us carries you up the stairs, you love to give big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses to everyone.  Not always with your tongue out anymore, but sometimes still! :-)  And you love to wave goodbye to everyone with your big dimpled grin.  Papa likes to read you your storybook Bible and Good Night Moon.

Your little thumb continues to comfort you.  Our attempt at putting a bandage over the sore, puffy skin didn't last long, but it hasn't cracked open yet.  For your sake, I hope it doesn't. 

What a joy you are, Gracie Noelle.  Before you were born, we kept having the name Joy come to our mind.....but it didn't seem to sound just right with Grace.  Perhaps it wasn't that your name was to be Joy, it was that God was describing you!  And a true joy you are indeed, Gracie Noelle! We love you, Little One.

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