Friday, June 13, 2008

Mama, What that is it?

Over and over for the past few days, I have heard you ask, "Mama, What that is it?", and "Mama, You doing?", and "Where's Papa?" In explaining this to your Papa, I realized that somewhere in the past few weeks, you stopped saying "Papa, I go?" (meaning where is Papa, or whatever else you were seeking). Things just slip into obscurity, never to be revisited. Even if they are, it isn't the same. For instance, you used to say "Ba? Ba?" when you wanted a bite of something. Now, you just know how to ask, (typcially these days in the form of "Mama, need some fruit leather"). Papa started saying "Ba? Ba?" to you recently, and now you are doing it again....but is is a joke to you...not the way you do it. That stage has passed.

Emet, you are growing in leaps and bounds. The other day, I picked you up from your baby seat, which I had to pry off your bum, and it fell off. You are stretching out! You can hold your own rice cracker and chew on it, and love to kick your legs (both at once) every time you are laid down in bed. Boom, boom, boom goes the mattress! You are full of joyful giggles and wide, open smiles. My little baby is growing up! Papa cut your bangs the other day. He just couldn't stand them being long anymore. You look sweeter than ever. I looked at Caleb's 7 month pictures the other day, and it was like I was seeing the same baby - a very strange experience.

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