Monday, January 2, 2012

Anna Ruth: Joy Abundant

Anna Ruth,

You're my big two year old now, and as of this past month- a big sister too!  And oh how you have blossomed in the past month!  My goodness, it's as if you have been holding back all of your vocabulary....connecting words into sentences, showing feelings and emotions, and being silly...and now the floodgates have broken loose!  The pitter-patter and slap-slap of your bare little feet on the wood floors is a sound we have captured forever in our hearts.  Your infectious laughter and giggles will forever ring like Christmas bells in our ears, and the sparkle in your eyes we'll treasure for a lifetime.

When you came to visit us at the hospital to meet your baby sister, you seemed quite distraught to see Mama and Papa there, as we weren't at home with you.  You were excited to meet your new sister, but didn't want to come to Mama.  You clung to Grandpa B and wouldn't leave his lap.  As you sat there on his lap, looking quite forlorn, you burst out into sad tears.  That was the first time we had seen you express sadness, as before this point, we have only see you cry when you are hurt or frustrated.  Since we've been home, however, you have been such a big helper!  You love to climb up next to me as I nurse your sister and "nuggle", and you are always bringing Gracie her blankets and get diapers and wipes for Mama.  When she cries, you get so concerned and say, "Oh! Bebe Kying"...and you start to cry yourself.

You do not want to be left out of anything your big brothers are doing, and love to be in their midst, coloring, playing legos, or just playing nearby.  Now that Caleb is in Kindergarten, you and Emet spend hours outside every week following along or riding your new tricycle while Emet rides his bike.  (You haven't really gotten the hang of peddling yet, but you scoot along anyways.)


You adore your Papa and light up like a bright star each night when he comes home from work.  You love nothing more than having him pick you up, chase you around, or just spend time with you.  He puts you to bed with rocking, stories and songs each night. And since we returned from Grandma and Grandpa B's house  for now sleep in a big girl bed...the crib empty and ready for when Gracie moves up to your room.

And speaking of being a big girl, about a month ago the cold weather came upon us....and everyone's skin was beginning to dry up and crack.  Your poor little left thumb, the one you have sucked since birth, cracked open wide.  We had to put a bandaid on it, and Papa told you that if you sucked it, it would hurt badly.  You haven't sucked your thumb since.  You seemed genuinely sad, and when it was brought up, you clearly didn't want to talk about it.  So...there it was....a habit Mama and Papa worried about how you would break, and it happened in a day....a sad day for Anna Ruth.

Below are a few of the special things that you say and do that I don't ever want to forget...some you have been doing / saying for a while....and the some are the things that have come forth just this past couple of weeks.

Eye yee (little blanket're trying to say "Owlie" which is what we all call her)
Nigh Nigh (your light pink and brown snuggle blanket with flowers)
Wah ooo (water)
muck or mult (milk)
peas (please)
Ut? (up?)
Yesth (yes)
Yaw (yeah)
No! (No! :-)  )
Doon (Down)
Ways Papa Gohn? (Where's Papa going?)
I you you! (I love you)
I you you too (I love you too)
I lah you (I love you)
Bah bl (Bible)
Boot (book)
Boot (boot!)
my shoo? (my shoe? you LOVE to put on your shoes, and are very particular about which ones you wear)
my (meaning mine)
dat (that)
dah yee (dolly)
Ta ta (Greta)
puh-kins (pumpkins)
nacky (snack, especially fruit sauce crushers)
gihn? (again)
Uhmut (Emet)
KB (Caleb)
Cub (Caleb)
Bobos (brothers)
muhn (Good Night Moon)
Thank You (I'm Thankful Each Day)
nuggle (snuggles)
Oh! (followed by whatever you need/want)
Uh oh!(followed by whatever is wrong in your world) Uh oh! Pay! (meaning you want to pray when you hear a siren)
Mah Men (Amen).....reaching out to hold two hands for prayer time
Mo! (more)
Mo Whites (What you say each time we see Christmas lights outside - you get sooooo excited!)
Mo Song (to Papa at night when putting her to bed...she wants more singing)
No Song (Ru bear does NOT want singing)
No Papa Nigh Nigh (Anna Ruth does NOT want any blankets "nigh nigh" other than her own special one)
Question: "Anna Ruth, what sound does a [insert any animal] say?"  Answer: "MOO!!!" (lots of giggles from everyone...repeat)
Gumma/Gamma (Grandma)
Gumpa/Gampa (Grandpa)
Cah nee (Candy)

Reading order at night: Children's Bible Storybook (Mindy MacDonald), I'm Thankful Each Day, Goodnight Moon.....recently the Children's Bible Storybook has been switched out for 9 Fruits Alive

Songs sung at night by Papa: Jesus Loves Me, Blessed Assurance
And if it is Mama.....Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Jesus Loves Me

Very recently....

Kih miss tee (Christmas tree)
Bug bug bug bug (She reaches out and touches our nose as we do when we say, "God bless you dear bug" each night to every child)
Peek-a-boo-I-see-you!! (said rapidly as you dart into the room with a brilliant, happy smile)
Jesus la me no no no (as she sings the song "Jesus Loves Me" by herself)
Figuring out how to count by listening to Bobos play hide and seek the past two weeks since I wrote the above, the floodgates have completely broken loose.  I would say you are now fully conversant.  So, from many disjointed words to fully just a month.  It was a whirlwind of change.  And now, truly now, is when time will speed ahead so quickly that in a few short months, we will have a hard time believing that just six months before, you were our happy little baby girl who wasn't talking.  This seems to always be the transition from toddler to little people.

God bless you, our dear little Anna Ruth.  You are a joy like no other.  We are blessed to be your Mama and Papa, and we look forward to watching you grow and change in the amazing year between 2 and 3 years old...the full transition between baby and preschooler.



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