Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caleb: A snapshot

It's hard to sum up a person, but if the past two days count.....a few of Caleb's quotes can pretty much wrap him up!  Outside of these, I can say that he spends much of his free time running around outside or inside playing Ninjas or Starwars with his little brother and friends.  He lives to watch movies, but loves listening to audio stories  and reading books,.  He'll tell you he doesn't like school, but is doing very well and excels in reading, math, and recess! :-)  He gives me hugs every day when I drop him off to Kindergarten,  still asks to snuggle with me every night, and remains my tenderhearted snuggle bunny...

Here's a snapshot of my precious boy at 6:

Friend: " You are so not cool!"
Caleb: (in a pleasant voice):  "I don't care if I'm cool.  I only care if I think I'm cool." 

And while I'm preparing dinner, nerves frazzled, with Grace screaming in the background and Anna Ruth fussing at my feet.....pretty much at my wit's end:

Caleb:  "Mama, why do you seem like you are frustrated?"
Me: "Well, Caleb...Mama has a hard time sometimes when baby cries alot."
Caleb: "Yes, I understand. That's ok."

A few minutes later...(me still fixing dinner):

Caleb:  "Mama? Well, I don't want to cause you any more work or anything, but.....well....after you finish what you're doing, would you please get me some milk?"

Always the ever-thinking negotiator....working things into the plan, so that no one remembers the plan was created by none-other than Caleb. 

Caleb: "Emet? (Caleb frequently speaks to us via a verbal instruction to Emet)  Since Mama is going to the gym tonight, I bet tonight would be a good night to watch Star Wars.  But, we'll have to eat all of our dinner first."

And, today in the car on the way home from school:

Caleb:  "Hey Mama?  I know you won't remember this later, but I'm going to tell you anyways.  So, I think that we should make a marble jar for you and Papa, just like our marble jar.....and when you do something good, you'll get a marble.  When the jar fills up, then we'll go to the store after Papa gets off work, unless it's Saturday, and you and Papa can pick out a present.  Since you are trying to lose pounds, then we'll buy you a healthy drink.  But, if you're done losing pounds by the time your jar fills up, then we won't buy you a healthy drink...because you'll be all done then."

Then, we come back to reality for a while....Caleb is presently up in his bed with no books to read for a mandatory nap time following disobedience and a tantrum in the car on the way home from Kindergarten, which included a wild kick to the back of the seat, prompting the immediate wake-up of his newborn sister...who is now crying in her crib......  :-)

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