Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three Months: Your eyes how they twinkle, Your dimples so merry!!

Could you be any more beautiful? You are stunning! It is impossible to differentiate between your physical beauty and the beauty that shines from within.  Are we seeing a glimpse of God through you? You are yet so pure, innocent, and vulnerable; and without blemish or selfishness. Your eyes shine with a wisdom fathoms deeper than your wee age.  

Your smile is frequent now.  Every time you catch us looking at you, you break into your winning, dimpled smile.  It is contagious. We can do nothing else but stand there smiling back.  Time stands still.  You playfully lift your eyebrows, as if amused at being able to captivate us so easily.  Then your sweet toothless grin grows bigger even still....and so does ours!  Your brothers and sister love to hold you and talk to you.  You delight us all!  Not a single one of us can look at you without our faces breaking out in a smile.  

I am reminded of the description of St. Nicholas in Twas the Night Before Christmas.....fitting for our Grace Noelle: "Your eyes - how they twinkle - your dimples so merry, Your cheeks so like roses, 
your nose like a cherry." 

Coos and squeals are as common now as your breathy snorts.  When the coos and oohs become punctuated "boos", you've announced you are sleepy.  Soon you will begin to fuss.

Your hair has rubbed off in the back where you lay and turn your head from side to side.  And you've started the arching process of trying to roll over!  It will be a while before it happens, but it has begun.

Little animals in your gym swing to and fro as you reach out and bat them.  You quietly sit in your Baby Bumbo seat and watch us move around the kitchen.  Your little thumb more frequently finds its way to your mouth for chewing.  Will you suck your thumb?  Time will tell.

A Disneyland trip trained you to a pacifier, and now you don't lay down so easily at night as you once did.  Leaps and bounds forward with a few steps back....that's what this stage is all about. But, you were such a good little traveler....eating, sleeping, smiling, and watching.  And, oh how Minnie Mouse doted on you! I had several special times with you as I sat in the Baby Care Center, nursing you in the old Victorian room designed for just that purpose.....holding on to the experience I would likely only experience once on a trip to Disneyland.

You lay across my lap nursing as I type.  My wrist rests on your duck fluffy head, and I feel the softness. So sweet to know that at three months, you have never once been nourished by anything but your Mama's milk. While inside, you were nourished by my body even as your Creator knit you together in my womb. And, now that you are on the other side of my womb, you still are fully sustained by my body.  Yet clearly, you are filled to capacity with the Father's love.  That is your true nourishment.  Never forget this, Little One.  We are so like sheep who go astray, but you are now as you were meant to communion with your Father and filled to the brim with His love.

Looking at you in this vulnerable stage both challenges and humbles me to the core of my very being. How can I be entrusted with the life of such a nurture and care for; to guide and direct?  My prayers and what I model for you will be the primary foundation for your years ahead. What a tremendous gift and extraordinary responsibility.  It is not to be taken lightly.  Yet, I've never had a more important or fulfilling job than being a Mama to my children.

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." Abraham Lincoln

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