Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Months: into EVERYTHING!!!

 You are up and running!  Well, not running literally just yet, but you are walking around 90% of the time.....getting more and more steady by the day. If you wobble at all these days, you steady yourself, or tip and get right back up.

If you were getting into cupboards and the like before, well now you have quadrupled your cupboard opening practices. Much of your day, when not sleeping, napping, or in your high chair is spent wandering around and getting into things!  And, I think you might have a preference for baking, because you LOVE the baking cabinet.......especially the cinnamon sugar and coco shakers.  (You'll remember that a few months back when you started this whole trend soon after pulling up, it was the baking drawer you were in getting into Mama's chocolate chips and cocoa powder....a girl after your Mama's own heart!)

Your words are pouring forth.  My personal all time favorite is watching you toddle over to me with your arms extended out and up saying...."Knee you Mama! Knee you Mama!"  As I am beginning the process of weaning you, we've dropped two feedings in this past month.  It was so hard to resist you, when you would cry and follow me around with big tears in your eyes saying, "Knee you Mama!"  (I'll admit that a few times, I caved in....)   You also have a phrase you say that sounds to all of us like "Ta-co!"  So, we all laugh and say, "Taco! Taco!"  Though we have no idea what you are saying, it does seem like you say it when you are trying to show us something you want to figure out.  "Stah (Star)" is another of your words, as we rock each night under the starry night sky of your constellation lady bug.  At nap time or night, you will wave your little hand back and forth and say "Bah"...and increasingly "Bye!"  :-) Be still my heart!  As we rock under the stars and sing, your little voice chimes in....singing along in your own tune and words, but singing nonetheless. 

When you want something, or are slightly frustrated, you spread your fingers and put your right hand over your mouth as if covering a cough.  And, you're quick to throw back your head, squint your eyes, then open your eyes expecting to see us taking joy in you.  Sometimes you shake your head "no" for "yes", but mostly "No" means "No" and "Yes" means "Yes!".  This is the month, to be sure, that we are completely unable to all share snacks around you without you letting us know you are quite displeased!  And, you will point and cry until we resolve the issue.

You are a fantastic eater, and if you want more of something we are feeding'll let us know.  The first time we noticed this, you were eating Rainbow Chard.  You would have thought it was ice cream!  You could not get more fast enough.  It was a Mama's dream! If we are headed towards your mouth with some bites already, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue as far as you can.  Which, by the way, is also how you give kisses! Ironically, your entire family - siblings and all - love to get your wet sloppy kisses!!!  They are about as welcome as can be! 

When you cry in bed, waking after a naptime... the other kids all say, "Can we go talk to Gracie?" And up they run when given the ok.  Emet will sit you on his lap and go down the stairs one by one.

You seem to like choosing people to hold you, and odd as it may seem, you seem to choose people who need a little self esteem boost in the childcare department.  This has happened several times in different groups.  It's as if it is your own little gift! It will be fun to see if this continues with you over time.

Ah, Grace.  What more can I say?  I know there are a hundred wonderful little things that you do....but truly this tired Mama has come to a close with her musings.  Smile on, Little One. :-)

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