Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So he said with tears...

"My little girl isn't coming down to snuggle every night anymore" he said with sadness.  

We knew it would happen.  Not being new to parenting, we've seen seemingly endless stages fade away, and so we knew that our nightly visits from our little Ru Bear would end one day too. 

Each night, we would head to bed, and Jason would say, "Well, I had better get some sleep, Ru Bear will be headed down in about 5 minutes."  Somewhere in the middle of the night, she would make the trek downstairs, head to Papa's side of the bed and crawl in.  We made her a sticker chart for the refrigerator that read "Yay me!  I stayed in my own bed all night long!".....and each time she did, she could select her own puffy princess sticker, which she did with much pride.  But, we really never encouraged it all that much, because secretly, we both loved her tiny little warm body snuggled close.  Our little Ru Bear. 

One day in March, she didn't come down......which had happened on occasion before then. But then, the next night and the next, she didn't return. Papa finally said, "My little girl doesn't snuggle with me anymore."  It's April now, and still no Ru Bear.

As he carried her upstairs tonight to her bed after she fell asleep watching a movie on the couch, he said it again, sadness in his voice and eyes.  "My little girl doesn't come downstairs anymore to snuggle." 

And so it is.  I haven't even posted my 2012 review blog yet, in which she still does.  But....sometimes we don't remember to recognize our "lasts"....so I had to write this one down.  I'm sure she'll come down again from time to time, but the pattern has broken and is no more.  Our little Ru Bear is growing up. 

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