Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Mama, what does it mean to be mahweed?"

"Mama, what does it mean to be mahweed?" Anna Ruth asked me the other day. 
"What do you think it means, Ru Bear?" I returned. 
"It means to be mahweed and be a Papa and Mama together. And to love each other. And forgiveness. And being patient together" she answered.
There are many areas as a parent in which I feel I fail to be the best that I can be.....or even close sometimes. But, I will admit that this brief conversation was a moment of truth for me.......a glimpse into the larger picture of life and parenting.  If this is the view my three and a half year old little girl has of marriage, then we must be doing something right.
Thank you, God, and Ru Bear, for allowing me a little glimpse into the big picture. I needed that.

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