Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Four Year Old Poison Control

As I sit at the kitchen island, I see Caleb come up the stairs and press his face into the window - holding two rhododendron leaves. He opens the door and asks me if these would make good lettuce. "No", I say. "Those are rhododendron leaves and they are poisonous to eat."

Five minutes later I look out the window to see Caleb wacking away at the rhododendron bush with a shovel. (Emet, emulating his brother but not really "getting it", is wacking away at my beautiful japanese maple right next to it.) I open the door and shout to Caleb, "Stop! What are you doing?!" With a very concerned and confused look on his face Caleb tells me, "Well, I don't like rhododendrons. They're poisonous!" :-)

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