Monday, March 22, 2010's disgusting!

Having made Caleb and Emet peanut butter and honey sandwhiches with carrots and milk, I set up their lunch on the picnic table outside the kitchen, as it was a beautiful day outside.

After finishing his lunch, Caleb brought in his dishes, and setting them down on the counter, he said, "Well, I ate all of my sandwhich, but I didn't eat that honey on my plate, because it tastes disgusting!"

"Caleb", I replied, "It isn't nice to tell people that the lunch they made you tastes disgusting. It makes people feel sad in their heart when you say things like that."

"Well, Mama," he returned, "'s just the flavor that tastes disgusting. I still love you though!"

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  1. Ha! I feel like Bryan might want to say something to that effect once in a while when a new recipe flops. :)