Saturday, April 24, 2010

let them eat cake

This morning we went out for our Saturday morning bakery tradition. Before leaving, Caleb and I headed towards the bathroom. When I looked behind me, I saw Caleb holding out his finger to me sheepishly, having stuck his finger into a fudge torte on one of the open shelves. He didn't seem to know just what to do with himself now that he had made a drastic mistake, recognizable immediately even to him.

After going to the bathroom, Caleb had to tell the cake decorator that he had stuck his finger in the cake and that he was sorry and would like to buy it. Poor guy - he was so overwhelmed with fear and embarrassment...but she helped him through. He bought the cake for $13.00 out of his spending money (or Wilco money, as he would call it, as he likes to buy little $3 and $5 toys at Wilco Farm Store.) The lady asked him if he would like his name on it, and so we had Caleb, Emet, and Anna Ruth put on the cake in his choice of color (red). We then decided that it would be my birthday cake!

When we got home, Caleb told Jason, "Don't forget that I need to pay you money!" It was hardest for him to give up his five dollar bill. However, he has been a pretty good sport about it today despite having drained most of his spending money (which is an accumulation of birthday money, Christmas money and the like.)

We all just finished enjoying a slice of delicious fudge cake. It was an expensive lesson for him, but it certainly was tasty!

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  1. That is a little funny but you handled it well. I am so glad you posted your blog to face book. I have one too its