Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small Shoes

It struck me tonight, as I saw Caleb's sandals laying where he had taken them off in the bathroom, that he is still small. Baby Emet is tiny by comparison, but to balace out my feelings of how quickly he is growing, it is still comforting to see his small, if not somewhat tiny shoes, laying next to my foot.

On to a humorous story. Tonight may have been the hardest I have laughed in a long time in the creation of a memory I won't soon forget. We went down to Portland Christian for Marky (Mark Hanson's) football game. Debi, Jeff, and Paul were there. At half time, I had to use the bathroom and thought to take Caleb along with me. As is typical at this current stage of potty training in public restrooms, I pulled Caleb's pants and pull-up down to about his knees and had him stand on the seat. Well, typically he leans forward and puts his hands on the wall, but this time he didn't. At about the time I realized this, in addition to realizing his pants weren't far enough down, he started peeing.......straight down into his pants / pullup! (They were perfectly dry before this.) So, I grabbed his thing (we'll call it a "thing" for purpose of this story), and pointed it out of his pants.....Uh oh, angle is still wrong since he isn't leaning forward and now we are spraying the wall! Back to the pants, back to the wall.

By now - I had started laughing so hard I was shaking and crying all at once. I no longer could see, for tears blurred my eyes. Caleb caught the laughter and began to laugh, and wiggle around too! Pee was flying everywhere like an out of control garden hose. It would stop and start. It would come like a furry and slow down, usually just behind my aim / finally getting it in the toilet, so we probably only got a teaspoon full or so in the toilet itself.

By the time he was finished, his jeans were soaked, my hands were soaked, diaper was wet, wall and toilet were covered, and we were dying of laughter. I cleaned up the best I could, but had to leave the rest of the mess for the janitor with the official bathroom floor mop. (It wasn't the cleanest to begin with.)

Baby Emet played happily at Grandma Marion's house, having full attention and toy play to himself, and got to go to bed at his normal bedtime. I think we all benefited from a Grandma's generous offer to watch him tonight.

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