Sunday, August 14, 2011


(From Jason)

In the middle of getting dinner at the fair, Emet exclaimed, "Papa I've gotta poop"....false alarm #1; Stuck in traffic leaving the fair, Emet once again says, "Papa, I've got to go poop NOW" (insert crying, panicking). We drive to the nearest gas station and I rush into the Honeybucket with him (Emet officially declares "I still have to go, but I'm all out of poop") ...false alarm #2; 30 minutes later while giving Anna Ruth her bath, Emet frantically rips off his clothes and RUNS for the bathroom, poop squirting out as he goes (kitchen, bathroom floor, my foot, and last but not least....the toilet.) Thank you sweet wife for cleaning my foot while I continued giving Anna Ruth her bath.

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