Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear God.....

If you ever doubt the heart of your child, or doubt that they have ever absorbed anything you have taught them, do this: Tell them to say their prayers and leave the room.  Then, stop and listen.  What you will likely find is an encouragement beyond what you would ever have imagined:

Dear God,

Please help for Mr. Frank to feel better,
and for all the people that need help,
and for baby Addison to get better.

And God, when I go to first grade next year and maybe change schools,
please help me to not be scared,
and guide me in both directions, 
and help me to know that you made them, just like you made me,
because I won't know any of the kids in that class;
and they might be even meaner than the kids were in my class this year.
So, help me to know their names and all about them.  

In Jesus name, 


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