Friday, August 31, 2012

Nine Months: Athlete in Action

Nine months.  Wow.  This year is going by so fast.  But, as much as I try to cling to all of my precious lasts with you, you entice me on to the next step with your sparkling smile and exuberance.

I think my favorite part of this stage is seeing you crawl from point A to point B, with a focused look of determination on your face.  There is always an object you are aiming for, frequently to insert directly into your mouth!  If we distract you for your attention, you will sit and turn to us, happily flapping your arms at your if you anticipate it might help you to fly...making the sound Aah...Aah...Aah.  Then, back to business you return.

You have officially transitioned from pulling yourself along the floor to crawling on hands and knees.  I remember thinking that the day Papa and I were leaving for our anniversary trip might be the last time I could get a video of your doing your army crawl.  Yesterday I had a brief glimpse as you and Anna Ruth (who was being silly of course) pulled along for a few paces.

You are like an Olympic athlete in training, crawling with focus, pulling up, creeping along the side of the table, and as of yesterday, attempting to take a step or two along the coffee table holding on with only one hand!  That part panicked you though, and after your three consecutive steps, you looked at me with a panic stricken face and cried until I came to rescue you.  (I love to rescue you, by the way, and I love that I'm the one you want to do it!)

You've also had your first tumble down the stairs....the inevitable, but much feared fall, for which we are very grateful you suffered nothing but a fright.  And considering your new found delight in pulling up, you've been experiencing several hard bonks to the head from slamming into things as well.  Poor baby!  I wish I could put padding around everything. 

Everything is going in your mouth these days.....even food sometimes.  :-) Crayons, bits of paper, sticks, dirt, shoes, and toys. We are all trying our best to stay two steps ahead of you, picking up what may have been dropped by the many little hands that live here.  Despite my tendency to cling to your baby stages, this is one stage I will be relieved to pass through!

This month saw your first pancake breakfast with the family. And...heard your first words?!  We could have sworn we heard you say "Nana" (banana), "Eme" (Emet), and "Bye Bye" in addition to, of course, "Mama"...which you say ALOT....especially when hungry or in distress. 

Your voice is much more full and rounded out now, and you certainly put it to good use!  You also seem to be doing the "more" sign, even though we haven't worked very much at all with you to do it.

Laying you down in your crib results in you immediately turning back over and sitting up, often crawling to the edge of the crib and pulling up on the railing......especially if your big sister is over in her bed (not) sleeping!  Then, you two will smile and giggle at each other long past when nap time should have commenced.

And speaking of giggles, yesterday I put the two of you girls into the bath together.....I think for the first time.  Anna Ruth continually dumped water on her head, and oh how you two giggled! Which...of course made Emet and I, who were watching, laugh all the harder!

Another good way to get you to smile and giggle is by playing Pat-a-Cake.  I can't quite tell if you enjoy it yourself, or if you simply love to watch us being silly.  

Due to our busy summer schedule, you have been missing your morning nap, so the afternoon nap has been a long one, frequently accompanied by a great deal of fussing as you cross past the point of exhaustion.  In these moments, though, you are so much more likely to simply want to be held and snuggled by Mama....something I don't take lightly.  I'll take all the snuggles I can get.

Your hair is continuing to fill in, and do I see a little curl at the ends of your hair?  The twelve month clothes we moved into just last month are starting to be a little snug.  You must be growing like a weed!  I'm starting to believe that the little pumpkin costume all three of your siblings have worn for their first Halloween will either have to be skipped by you, or worn as a shirt.  It was a little small for them too!

I love to watch you interact with your sister as you both stand or sit in front of the doll house or toy kitchen, grabbing at toys.  If you have infringed upon Anna Ruth's property at all, we will hear her burst of crying and her haughtily proclaim..."Naughty Gwacie!"  Oh boy....  :-)

When Papa comes home at night, your little face lights up to see him and hear his voice.  And, as he takes you upstairs to rock you and put you to bed, you wave bye bye from the stairs to the rest of us. 

Grow on, little Gracie...Grow on!  We love you so. 

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