Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Summer Moments

This lazy late summer day lent me the privilege of cuddling with my little Anna Ruth to put her down for a nap.  Oftentimes, I will stay with her for a bit, but with thoughts of the many to-dos on my list. 

Today, as nap time approached, she asked her most recent daily question, "Will you scratch me?" with that winning smile on her face.  I smiled and nodded, slowly following her to her room....collecting bunnies, bears, and other stuffed friends I knew would be requested the minute she crawled into her big brother Emet's bed.  (This has been another special treat for Ru Bear.  I've been reticent to bring the boys in to nap from their summer play, knowing soon enough Caleb will be back in school. And, knowing Anna Ruth is also quite the distraction for her little sister Grace, I have let Anna Ruth nap  on the bottom bunk of the boys' room.  That has been a very big deal for her, for as much as they all squabble and squawk, she thinks her big brothers are pretty special.)

I climbed onto the bed beside her and snuggled her close, chatting of princesses and our upcoming date as I stroked her hair and scratched her little back.  Slowly her squirming and chirping subsided and I drifted off to sleep as well....waking with a strong breeze through the window to find her sound asleep beside me.

I didn't immediately get up, but rather soaked up the quiet looking at my little girl.....not my baby anymore...but still my tiny girl. 

Wisdom of experience has taught me that this stage of her life is fleeting.  I have long ceased to wish away the stages, even the troublesome ones, for they will pass soon enough.  Time marches on. 

So, there we lay in our small upstairs room, curled up on the bunk bed with the Cars themed sheets, pink bunnies, bears and blankets laying about, Ru Bear sleeping soundly snuggled next to me, and me just living that moment.  The thought came to mind:  Life is in the moments.  To truly live is to truly live the moments.  And so I did.  I tried to soak up every one of those moments - fully and deeply.

Eventually, I rose to the clanks and clatters downstairs, knowing the two young boys were getting restless and would bound upstairs anytime, waking their sisters.  I checked on sweet Grace, also down for her afternoon nap, and took two pictures......ones I hope will help me to capture this afternoon's sweet moments for a long time to come.  

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