Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ode to two mighty little yellow dumptrucks

Two little yellow dumptrucks, once so shiny and new, now sit in a pile of rubble next to the garage.

These faithful little yellow dumptrucks have weathered many a storm, carried many a rock, and hauled many a load around the yard and driveway. Last evening, they had the unfortunate circumstance of being parked in front of the Suburban after an afternoon of hard work. Now, their dumptrucking days are over. Caleb's took the brunt of the crush, as there is no longer one part connected to another. Emet's was a little more fortunate in that it only lost a wheel. Today, however, Caleb informed me that he was riding his bike over Emet's and hitting it with a shovel so that it would be like his. Nice. Brothers. I guess this is what I missed out on as an only child.

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