Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think that's called....

We shared one of those joyous family moments tonight.  I couldn't pass up recording it.

We have a copy of Lennart Nilsson's book LIFE, in which an endoscope was used to take pictures of the entire process of life's creation from the sperm and egg meeting to baby's birth.  With each child, we have used this book as a tool to teach them about the baby growing inside of Mama and to affirm the life that grows inside.

Tonight, Emet asked if we could all look at "the Baby book", as we call it, so we got down the book and turned to the pictures of the later stages of pregnancy.  Needless to say, a book like this can lead to a few interesting conversations, and although we are fairly open with the children, there is still a need to simplify the "creation process" for our young audience.

One of the pictures shows a full view of the baby inside at 26 weeks, including its gender identifiers.  One picture is of a girl, the other of a boy.  Emet innocently pointed to the girl's part and asked if that was her penis.  "No", Papa corrected, "that's a little girl."  Caleb chimed in with all of his 5 year old wisdom, "No, Emet.  I think that's called a peninsula."  :-)

Jason and I burst out in laughter, then the boys followed (not really knowing what was funny), but I think we all laughed for about 5 minutes, complete with tears running down our cheeks.  Oh to be 5 again!

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