Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Jesus. He's in my hawt.

Until very recently, our morning routine as gone something like this.....

I make the children breakfast, (often times oatmeal and eggs), then we eat and discuss the things we can be thankful for or lay before God in prayer.  Eventually I'll say, "Ok, so who wants to pray?"  For the past few months, every morning, Anna Ruth has chimed in with, "Me!".  Yet, after we've all joined hands and bowed our heads, there is nothing but silence.  As the boys begin to giggle, I lead her through a short prayer, easily repeatable by a two year old.  The end.  

So, several days back, you could imagine my surprise when I heard words, albeit quiet unintelligible ones beginning with the phrase "Dee Got", coming from her mouth after heads were bowed, and ending with "Amen."  

Later that day in the car, she belted into the quiet with her sweet voice singing the entire song of Jesus Loves Me.  "Wow, Anna Ruth! Good job!  I'm proud of you," I said.  "Yay, Sissy!" came the voices from the back row of the Suburban.  Looking in the rear view mirror, I recognized her look of sweet pride....checks lifted into a soft smile, a sweet twinkle in her eye.  It was silent for a few moments, then she said, "It's Jesus.  He's in my hawt."

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