Sunday, May 20, 2012

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

This evening marked an annual tradition as we headed down to the REI sale to purchase new Keens for the children.  As we pulled into the parking lot, Emet excitedly exclaims, "It's the shoe factory!"  Between The Old Spaghetti Factory and the Cheesecake Factory, I don't think our children have any hope of understanding that all stores and restaurants are not called factories. I don't correct him.

Jason and the older three children headed into the store to be measured while I fed Grace in the car.  Never being the most talented with the Ergo baby carrier, I attempted to slide her in while still sitting in my seat instead of doing it outside the car.  As she hung by her ankle, panic stricken, as I slung her over my shoulder, I was glad for this decision.  Into REI we went, baby carrier snugly on my back, Gracie in my arms.  This should have been a sign.

We found the family somewhere in the midst of the enormous stack of shoe boxes.  Caleb was searching for a youth 2, Emet for a 13, and Anna Ruth for an 8.  The dig for size and color began.  As I continued to fumble with Grace and the carrier, Jason finally took them both, and I dug into the boxes.  Best move of the night. 

I heard a little voice say, "I knee go potty!" and turned to see Anna Ruth dancing around at the end of the row.  Now, we're only three days and three accidents into being diaper free, so these statements are taken VERY seriously.    As I ran over to scoop her up, I noticed that her little pants were already getting wet and there was a bad smell.  I could hear Jason's voice ringing in my ears as he asked me at the car if I would be bringing in the diaper bag.  "Nah" I had said.  "We won't need's just one more thing."  Gulp.  This could be ugly.  

Sure enough, entering the tiny stall and helping her pull down her little pants I found I was right....ugly indeed.    I also noticed she was wearing the new, but still unpurchased partially soiled. Ah well.  Thankfully, they were the ones we planned to buy.  Let's just say that the little purple and blue flowered big girl undies are now property of the REI dumpster, and I pity the poor soul whose job it was to empty the trash in that bathroom tonight.  Yikes.  

Somewhere in the 45 minutes we stood in that tiny stall, I bent over to help with a wipe up and decided to flush the toilet.  Apparently, it was a power toilet with a jet engine flushing system.  Water shot out of the toilet and INTO my mouth.  I froze, wanting to frantically scrub at my face, but instead I maintained my cool so as not to panic the already distressed toddler.  After several trips back and forth off the potty, we finally left the stall.....thankfully the pants were dark and disguised the wetness.  I hadn't brought a change of clothes from home (of course), so that's what we had.  We rushed back out to the car to find no pull-ups either, but I did convince her that a one time trip back into a diaper wouldn't harm her status as a potty trained big girl.  

Ultimately, we ended up with Keens for all and everyone is back at home, showered and in bed.  I am the only one up, just finishing up apple cinnamon muffins for our Sunday School class tomorrow.....which I might add were made with eggs added as the last ingredient and no cinnamon.  But, had the day ended any other way, it might not have been fitting! I have one last task of taking a shower.  Hoping for the best... :-)

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