Friday, June 29, 2012

Anna Ruth: Witnessing a transformation

Ah, Anna Ruth.  I started to write this back in mid-January, because shortly after I wrote of the big transformation you were undergoing after hitting the two year old mark, you began to blossom yet again.  It's a very interesting time frame, this year from age 2 to 3. The changes seem to come in spurts.  One day, your vocabulary and communication is at one level....and the very next, it has taken a leap to yet another level.  Anything at this stage is rarely gradual.  I do remember this also with your brothers.

So, back when I meant to blog....but didn't....(because that is just how life goes as a Mama of four little ones), you had within two weeks of your first big verbal breakthrough....experienced yet another verbal breakthrough.  And, you have been chatting away ever since!

Here we are in late June, and several more leaps forward.  The most recent stage transformation we've noticed is in how you interact with your "Babies" (Dollies) and your stuffed friends.  No longer are you dragging them about by their ear or leg, but you are now nurturing them.....setting them up in the baby swing or bumbo (whichever is not being used by your baby sister Grace), and buckling them in. Just this last week, you began favoring your " 'Pecial 'Panies" (Special Bunnies), which include "Bunny" and " 'Nah er One Bunny" (The other bunny).  This week, for the first time, you wanted your Babies to get dressed and brought them to me one by one to find their clothes and dress them for you.  Then you immediately went to get the little dolly quilt Grandma Marion made for you to snuggle one of your babies, and plopped yourself down on the door step holding your baby and her blanket.....a proud look of self satisfaction on your face.  In your car seat, you held her tight in your arms with her little blanket tucked in around her.  Sleep eventually found you both! Tonight, as I nursed your baby sister Grace, you sat down on the couch right next to me and nursed your dolly. There is definitely a favored baby doll at this point, as the other ones are presently laying face down on the floor.   Oh the beautiful pictures in my mind of these precious times!

You are fully potty trained, except for wearing Pull-Ups at night, which you really don't need.  And, you are not one to be left behind.  You follow after your brothers everywhere they go.  As I peeked out the window to check on you yesterday, I saw you pass by, Dolly and her blanket tucked under your arm, calling out "Need you, boys!"  "Need you, boys!"  Your brothers had apparently gone off to another adventure, leaving you trailing behind.  Oh how that tugged at Mama's heart strings!

Here is a snapshot of some of your special phrases from the last six months:

  • Nuggle Me!!!
  • Jesus la me no no no (Your first attempts at singing your favorite song, "Jesus Loves Me"...which you can now sing along with me.)
  • Weenoh Down Peas! (What you say when you want us to roll your window down.)
  • Go Potty in Beeg Guhl, or Fwoggy Potty (Big Girl...or Froggy Potty...though now you are completely potty trained excepting your Pull-Ups at night, and you say "Knee Go Potty!" as you run by)
  • "ie" added to anything... milky, socky, snacky
  • Pushing back of hair on both sides, stick chin out confidently
  • Proud little sparkle in your eyes with her cheeks every so slightly pulled up as if enjoying a smile on the inside 
  • My Laty Bogs (Your room is like a Lady Bug house.  They collect there more than any other room of the house.  In order for you to not be afraid of them, we talked about them as friends.  You would look up at the ceiling and see them, saying "My Laty Bogs")
  • We call you our little "Angry Bird" because when you get angry, you knit your brows together just like the birds in the currently popular game Angry Birds.
  • Your R's sound more like W's.....thus, your little sister is Gwacie to you.  
  • The alphabet, whether seen or sung, in addition to any stand alone letters, you refer to as "My ABCD"
  • "My Baby git dwessed..." and you draw out the last cute!
  • You always follow crying or anxious words followed by quick little breathes.  Adorable. :-)
  • I want to do it my own self!
  • I don't like it dough (Though)
  • Me do it!
  • And me?
  • No, I!
  • Gwacie Nohewl
  • Your little sing-song voice as you laugh and talk to baby Gwacie
I know there are a hundred things more I could write, but if I wait...the months will pass and I will not have captured these special memories.  

We love you Ru Bear!  Grow on....we'll be here enjoying the journey right alongside you!  

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