Sunday, June 29, 2008

Costco Samples - Here I come!

We have added another "sampler" to the Sunday Costco crowd. Today, baby Emet, who as of recently sits up in the cart seat verses his carseat carrier, ate his first Costco sample. Let's see - the first was a bit of 6 layer bean dip...the second 2 large chunks of tuna steak, broken into small bits, of course. The problem we encountered (and simultaneously remembered) is that at this age, babies don't understand when something is all gone....they whine and cry and fuss....until you have something else! He even ate small bits of pizza, a Sunday tradition for Caleb and Jason!...and apparently now Emet.

His big eyes focus on whatever anyone is eating and he tries to reach out for it. Amazing how these things develop so quickly. All I know - is our Costco membership just became even more of a value!

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