Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Poopeded

We appear to be reaching another potty training developmental stage with Caleb. As is typical with little ones, Caleb has always gone into a quite spot to "do his deed". For the past few weeks, however, he has been saying, "Mama, I pooped'ed" - then we go and change his pants. (Of course, following a discussion about how next time he should tell Mama first and then he can go in the big boy potty, get a sticker on his ice cream coupon (he needs 5 to earn a baskin and robins' ice cream all his own), and work towards the day when he can wear "big boy underwear" like Papa and go to Sunday School. Lately, he has even been saying when he is "Pee'en" or "Peed".

The past three days, now however, have introduced a new and rather "messy" phase of this whole process. Caleb no longer likes to poop his diaper and continue wearing it. (Who can blame him?) So, after going down for his nap he plays out one of several scenerios.

1 - take off diaper, 2-poop and pee on carpet, 3 -"clean it up" putting diaper in pail and poop in toilet (yes - poop is everywhere at this point), 4 - wiping up with a burpee rag or other towell, and 5 - coming naked and covered in poop to get me.


1 - poop in diaper, 2 - take off (oops - poop drops on the floor, so we have to pick it up), 3 - put diaper in toilet along with poop, 4 - eat soap, then try to wash hands (tell Papa afterwards that 'eat soap not fun game'


Tonight, when I went up to check on you for the 3rd time (first needed Papa, then "dop dop" (blanket)...then water....then Papa), you told me "Mama - don't want to pee my bed". I asked you if you had to go potty and you said "yes" off came the clothes and the diaper - and yes you peed! I was so proud of you for telling me. We may be potty trained by 3 in time for Sunday School after all!!!!! I love you, Caleb! You are my big boy!

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