Friday, June 27, 2008

You feel 'pecial?

Developmental phases seem to come in bursts. Caleb's latest began on Father's Day, nearly two weeks back. We had just returned from Port Orchard and were busy watering plants and bringing luggage and various traveling paraphernalia. Caleb comes into the house and says,
"Mama, I have to tell ya somethin' " What's that?" "I need a fish ba-ba (Fish shaped Omega-3 gummy vitamin)!!" Later that day, "Mama, I have an idea for ya!" "What's that?" I replied.
"Cafe" he says. "Cafe?" "Cafe Sip and Play!!" This is a cafe where, from time to time, I meet with other moms while Caleb plays in the play area. If he is a good boy, at the end of the time there, he gets a mini cupcake. And so it began....

Now, day after day - he comes up with more complex feelings, thoughts and emotions - thinking outside of the present. The other day he told me that his feelings were hurt. I asked him why and he said, "Little tiny dump truck is broken". (I had broken this in front of him as an object lesson weeks before, after he had time and time again disobeyed me and was destroying things. I heard it on the radio - apparently it did leave an impression. However, at the time, I thought it did nothing at all, for at the end of smashing his litte dump truck to pieces with a hammer, while he watched - he picked up the tire and drove it away - making truck noises!)

He also has associated feelings with his stuffed animals and will say things such as "Bunny bear saaaaaaad". When asked why, he will always come up with something.

My very favorite was a few days ago, when he came into the kitchen, having been outside with Papa. He had clutched in his tiny hand three dandilions. He shoves his fist at me and says, "I've got some flowers for ya, Mama." As I bent down to take them and give him a kiss and hug - he says with great big, woeful eyes..."Mama, you feel 'pecial?"

Yes, Caleb - I do feel special, in a way you may never understand until you have a baby of your own. Those three dandilions meant the world to me.

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