Saturday, June 28, 2008


This word pretty much describes my day today. In fact - I hestitate to create an entry at all, save for the sheer (post experience) humor of it all. Here goes.... short, it involved Caleb eating dog antibiotics (called poison control - he's ok), getting into the refrigerator numerous times and eating whatever he liked, spreading a bag of miracle grow around the yard, peeing his bed sans diaper (nap time), again taking off his diaper during his supposed nap and peeing and pooping on the floor - then trying to clean himself with a baby burp rag and dumping the poop into the toilet (think big smears everywhere), diaper pail, etc. (AAHAHAHHAHAHAHA - YUCK!!!), drinking my Starbucks mocha I had been saving (decaf - thank goodness), and throwing a HUGE tantrum at the Spaghetti Factory to sort of finalize the evening. (yes - everyone looked at him as my husband quickly ushered him outside)


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