Saturday, June 28, 2008

All About Emet

Poor little Emet. Your big brother is commanding so much attention these days as he prances his way through the "terrible and terrific twos" that you sort of get tacked onto the end of an update. Hence - this blog entry all your own!

Your smile lights up my world, and now that you are sitting all on your own - and tipping less and less, it is so fun to watch you sit on the floor with a couple of toys and play. Whenever we look at you though, you look up with your big, open mouth smile that brightens your whole face - and everyone elses too.

You are full of sign-song screams as you test your vocal chords and love to chew on anything and everything that comes near your mouth! Your little ankles and wrists rotate in circles as you eat, especially when you are Papa and I have been doing that for laughs when we are hungry.

Your little furrowed brow and concerned look calls to my heart, but you can easily turn it into a gleeful smile. We love you, dear baby boy!

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