Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Motor Noises

Today I heard a little car noise coming from the spot on the couch where both Caleb and Emet were playing. I looked up expecting to see Caleb driving along one of his cars, but there he sat reading quietly. It was baby Emet who had his little lips pursed and was making sort of a blowing, motor noise as he drove along the little dozer. What joy that brought to a Mama's heart.

Today was Emet's first real haircut. Now, Jason has clipped a strand or two (back when Emet went bald, but had two long horns of hair, one behind each ear). However, today he officially got all of his hair trimmed. He sat so well in the barber chair with his cape, just like Caleb did for his first. About 3/4 the way through though, he decided he was done, and I had to hold him. But, we did finish! My - how a haircut can change an appearance. It is as if he grew up months in a day.

In case I never remember to write about this separately, I have to mention Caleb's latest pronunciation. Each morning as he reads through his Bible by himself as I nurse baby Emet, I hear him combining many of his favorite stories and characters. King Herod has slipped a bit to the backburner, while "Jophes (yes - you read that correctly) and his broders", David and Goliath, and Jesus take center stage.

Also, Caleb's little spirit is sure starting to soar. Tonight at dinner, baby ate some of his pizza and Caleb said, "Good job, Baby Emet - We're proud of you!" When Emet crawls, Caleb says, "Good job crawling, Baby Emet!" Of course, that doesn't preclude him from ripping the toys away from Emet, or moving them all so he can't reach them the next minute, saying "No, you cannot play with those toys!" :-)

This job of being a Mama sure has its great rewards. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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