Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Crawling!!

Sunday September 14, 2008

Emet crawled for the first time yesterday. I looked over at him upstairs, on the floor next to my bed, and he was on hands and knees – one little leg shuffling right after the other with hands moving forward. Up until now, he has gotten one of his legs tangled and ended up just sitting back up. Then, last night, Jason was able to see his next attempt at crawling, which we got on video. Tentative little shuffles, but oh, how he seems proud of his new accomplishment. We are too!

Tonight, the boys had a very long and late afternoon nap, and were NOT ready to go to bed at their usual time of around 9pm. We put them both in bed around 9:30 and went in to fold laundry in our room, just across the hall upstairs. We were filled with joy to hear both of our boys laughing and laughing in their room, making each other giggle with their silly antics. This happens more and more often in the car, which is a delight as well.

A fun game I recently discovered is laying both boys belly up on the bed and tickling them. They laugh and giggle their little hearts out together, and their mama and papa burst with joy!

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