Friday, September 12, 2008

I can do it with myself!

Wednesday August 20, 2008

Oh how this Mama will be sad the day Caleb starts saying all of his “S”s. My favorite words these days are along the lines of : “nake” (snake), “neaky nake” (sneaky snake), “nack” (snack), “tuck” (stuck), “ticker” (sticker), “tarbucks” (Starbucks), etc. etc....the list goes on. And, oh what fury and rage of emotions our little boy is experiencing. He is getting a bit better able (read – a very small bit) to control them, but a loud and emphatic “I DO NOT want to go to time out”, etc. are frequent mini dramas these days. “DON’T tell me that!!!” he will exclaim.

One of Caleb’s latest interests, as of the past few days is to ask Papa or I if we want to play with him. “Will you play with me?” He will come up with a car and ask if we would like a car. Then he wants us to sit on the floor and play with him. It dawned on me today, that even though I stay home with the boys, I could pass their entire childhood without taking the time to sit down and play. There are always going to be various tasks – cleaning up the kitchen (a near constant), sorting newspapers and mail, laundry – the list goes on. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes to make a memory, and to reassure him that his Mama cares. So – today, I sat down on the floor, in the midst of my big household mess, despite all of the chores that loomed over my head and played cars.

Yesterday, when I picked Caleb up from the nursery after Mom’s Group at the church building, the nursery worker told me how great Caleb had been. When one of the other kids was sad, Caleb came over and offered him a toy. Tears came to my eyes tonight as I recounted that story to Jason. I’m so proud of my little boy.

I have been thinking lately, as I gaze at our boys at night, long after they have fallen asleep, that our Caleb is a little boy, through and through. There just isn’t a drop of baby left in him. He still seems cute and little, though perhaps emerging beyond the toddler stage. However, as I watched Caleb playing on the couch, and Emet sitting on the floor, it dawned on me that when Emet is Caleb’s age, that time will not stand still. Caleb will no longer be that size. It will not be two little like size and age boys playing. Caleb will be much bigger, emerging from the shell of a small boy into a boy, then young man. Oh how time escapes us. It makes me glad that I took the time to play cars for five minutes on the floor. Caleb enjoyed it so much that he was planning our next time to play, which I explained would be after our walk, lunch, and chores. I’m sure I’ll enjoy that time for a lifetime.

Baby Emet is so close to crawling. He can turn a full circle while sitting, and leans far forward, often ending up, much to his chagrin, on his tummy. He just hasn’t gotten that leg to kick back. Once he does – watch out Mama. He loves to rip into any paper, magazine, or book when he has the chance. Everything goes into his mouth. He still only has the two front, bottom teeth – but his top gums are swollen and he is drooling and chewing constantly, so I expect new teeth soon. For about the past week, his new little expression has been scrunching up his nose, as if he can’t see and is screwing up his face in attempt. That is just his little protest before he starts fussing. It’s funny how each child has such distinct things they do. It is a reminder of how much we are all individuals....created by God to be just who we are. I love you both, my dear boys!!!

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