Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The full armour of God

Today, Caleb comes up to me as I'm preparing lunch with one of his Bible storybooks. He is currently still very entranced by the story of David and Goliath. (Often, you can find any one of his Bible books laying open to that story). Anyways, he comes up to me, showing me the picture of Goliath and asks about his armour. I began to explain to him what each piece was, and he was very interested. To illustrate the function of armour, I got out a wooden cutting board. First, I poked at his chest with my finger - just enough to cause a bit of discomfort. Then, I held up the "breastplate" and poked again. He could feel nothing. I told him that this was how armour worked to protect him. Ephesians 6 came rushing to mind, so I asked Caleb if he would like to read from Mama's Bible about the armour of God. "Oh, yes" - he says with wide, excited eyes." So, we went over to the couch and I read to him from Ephesians 6. I'm not sure it all sunk in, but he sure was excited about it. A few minutes later he asked me to tell the story again!

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